Meet Felecia

Founder of refresh

Felecia Tucker turned what she considered a very trying and difficult time in her life to an opportunity to help women truly embrace themselves.

Due to a medical condition Felecia was constantly cleaning her vaginal area. She was washing so frequently that it became swollen, sensitive, painful, and raw to touch. She hated using towels because the fabric was bulky, rough, big, and was not delicate to this very delicate area. Determined to find a solution she began exploring other options or alternatives to the square large towels available.

In 2017, Felecia started researching and purchasing different fabrics. Trying each one and doing the research on production, she loved the story behind the bamboo tree. It is an environmentally friendly source that is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and it has odor resistant properties. Bamboo fabric offered her wonderful benefits that her body needed. But most of all it felt gentle and luxurious to her vaginal area. It quickly replaced the alternatives and has become a staple in Felecia’s self-care routine ever since.

Wanting to share her discovery with all women, Felecia founded and patented the design of the Refresh Towel. Offering community to women who are intentional about their girly parts!